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At Home With KESMAR


This week, rising retro-pop artist KESMAR shares his impeccable taste in buttery grooves with The Kollection. This timeless selection of folk, 70s disco, and pop rock sets the mood for any brisk car ride or country side power walk. With tunes from Wings, Pilot, and Chicago, we’re so excited to have this on our rotation.

The Sydney based songwriter and producer incorporates his love for tight bedroom pop drums, lush guitars, and glistening vintage synthesizers throughout his own catalog of music. KESMAR’s latest single “Out Of Luck” drives a certain pep in your step with bright piano stabs, twinkling bells, and an infectious chorus. Check out what KESMAR loves about each track in his rotation.



“Country Dreamer” – Wings

"I’ve listened to a lot of Wings… and I mean a lot! But for some reason, I had never heard this tune found it about two weeks ago, and it has been on high rotation for me. There’s something I love about hearing Paul do the first verse low then going up the octave for the second. You don’t hear that often."

“Madison” – Drugdealer

"This is the first new tune that Drugdealer put out in a while, and I was seriously blown away. Hands down my favorite new song of 2022."

“Bwana” – Lindsey Buckingham

"I’ve been really fond of Fleetwood Mac, and I feel like they hold a big place in my heart for originality and songwriting. I can remember hearing them being played all through my childhood by my parents. After listening to [Law and Order] back to front countless times, I realized how much of a key ingredient Lindsey really is, from his little hooks to the arpeggiated guitar lines."

“Brazilian Skies” – Masayoshi Takanaka

"Masayoshi Takanaka is hands down my favorite City Pop artist to ever live, and this album just sounds incredible. It was hard to pick one song from it. Usually, I would go with “Disco B,” but today I decided to go with “Brazilian Skies.” Its infectious groove and playful melody is something I have forever been chasing. Close your eyes, and you’re in Brazil… or maybe Japan? Whatever makes you feel good!"

“Now That Everything’s Been Said” – The City

I’m a big Carole King fan, so finding this album and song was a great day. I love the rawness and the looseness of the takes. It’s just a bunch of amazing musicians in the same room playing music and hitting record!

“Between Me and Chicago” – Paul Cherry

Probably my 2nd favorite 2022 release. You really feel like you’re in snowy Chicago listening to it.

“Get Up and Go” – Pilot

Hands down my favorite Pilot track. Again, when I find an artist I like, I will obsess over them, go through every interview, demo recording, and multitrack. “Get Up and Go” I can just never skip. They have so many expertly crafted harmony guitar solos, but this just tops.

“Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” – Dawn, Tony Orlando

Tie the yellow ribbon round the Ole Oak Tree is a song that instantly transports me to a time and place far from there. As I’ve grown older and have continued to work on my craft, I have found a strong love for the simplicity in a recording, using the only necessary tools to craft a great song, and this is a perfect example of that. I always find myself listening to it in times of confusion.

“No Tell Lover” – Chicago

Sometimes a song can be overlooked by a good groove. I initially thought this was one of those songs. After multiple listens I kept hearing elements I had never heard, but most of all was blown away by the songwriting. A serious underrated Chicago song.

“Magnet” – NRBQ

My housemate showed me this song. I remember hearing it driving around in his car with the sun shining. The groove is seriously infectious, the sound of California!