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At Home With Escapade


This week, we peek into the listening rotation of Escapade – the collaborative production project of house phenoms Walker & Royce and Ardalan. From deep sample cuts to addicting disco bass lines, this playlist feels like your favorite set of the night from start to finish.

No strangers to these powerhouse artists, we’re ecstatic to hear this collaborative project is moving full steam ahead. Earlier this year, Escapade released their second single “Ballroom” out on Rules Don’t Apply– hypnotizing us with a masquerade era house track. Check out what Walker & Royce and Ardalan had to say about their track rotation and how it has inspired the Escapade project!



Walker & Royce’s Picks

“Howsmusik” – Dam Swindle

This track from Dam Swindle (formerly Detroit Swindle) perfectly fits our Escapade project. It’s sample based, fun and quirky disco house. Doesn’t always fit what we do for Walker & Royce.

“Cups (Salt City Orchestra Remix)” – Underworld

Escapade is not just about disco, it’s about groove as well. This Salt City Orchestra remix would go down very well in one of our sets. Definitely an old favorite of ours.

“You Dont Know feat. Tim Fuller (Ruff Cut)” – DJ Ali

This is one of our favorite tracks from Classic Music Company. It’s a super funky minimal track with a great  soulful vocal. Been playing this since our days lugging vinyl around NYC.

“Heat You Up (Melt You Down)” – Shirley Lites

Just some dramatic over the top peak time disco. It’s good for your mind, body and soul. This song really bumps!

“The Crossing” – Trevor Loveys

Fantastic record from Trevor Loveys on Dubsided. When this came out years back it felt so outside the box at the time and it still holds up. That outside the box quirky vibe is something we try to bring to our Escapade project for sure.


Ardalan’s Picks

“Fifty Dollar Bills” – Sworn Virgins

The vibe of this song incorporates funk, disco, and trippy vibes from one of my favorite producers, Quinn Whalley. The smooth vocals paired with the overall groove of this song make an all-around feel-good track.

“Quando Quango (Fac 79 Remix)” – Love Tempo

37 years later and this gem is still a timeless banger.  The layered instruments and the funky rhythm gives it a European-Chicago disco feel that I love.

“Phreaky M.F. (Mike Dunn’s Original Phreak Mixx)” – Mike Dunn

When Walker and Royce ended their set with this before I hopped on, it was such a vibe and has quickly become one of my favorites. This track was definitely one of the bridges to our Escapade project – it includes funky elements that we all love and are inspired by.

“Mathematische Modelle” – Der Zyklus

From one of Detroit’s finest, this track includes some dreamy cerebral influences that I’ve incorporated into my own originals. It’s so simple yet delivered so effectively.

“See You When I See You” – Galcher Lustwerk

This one really inspired us on the production side, notably when we created “Turn It Around.” I think you can really hear key elements in this track that have rubbed off on our releases [as Escapade] that make them unique in their own way.