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At Home With Brijean


This week, we have the pleasure of welcoming the dreamy Los Angeles-based duo Brijean for an eclectic playlist of soul healing music that ranges from bossa nova and afro-jazz to psychedelic pop and synthwave grooves; tunes perfect to open your favorite bottle of orange wine to and cook up a tasty farmers’ market meal.

Percussionist/singer Brijean Murphy and multi-instrumentalist/producer Doug Stuart are no strangers to good taste, as proven across their discography and again on their latest EP Angelo, a lava lamp and 80s mirror-dice-inspired 9 track groove that mixes latin percussion with soulful dance pop, hints of disco, and drum machines just the way god intended.



Light a funky candle and check out Doug and Brijean’s playlist picks, their thoughts, and their latest EP Angelo.


Doug's Picks

Gabriel da Rosa – “Jasmin Parte 1”

This is an artist I had never heard of, but was struck by his voice and the production of this song.

Sam Gendel – “Toridasuki”

I love how this song combines dissonance and consonance while maintaining a mellow groove.

Sam Wilkes, Jacob Mann – “Dr. T”

I love how this has a forward moving feeling but also stays very chill throughout.

Eddie Chacon – “Holy Hell”

This is the first single off Eddie’s follow up to his modern classic, “Pleasure, Pain, & Happiness”, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the record.

Hailu Mergia, The Walias – “Tezeta”

Meditative and groovy, what’s not to love?

Pearl & The Oysters – “Mercury Comet Caliente”

Well crafted, dreamy, psychedelic, chill, pop music.


Brijean's Picks

Sofie Birch, Nana Pi – “Humidity“

As soon as I heard Sofie Birch’s music I was moved and inspired to know more about her and the art she creates. She is interested in the “healing nature of sound and vibrations and works across disciplines with other artists on expanding our understanding of mind and body through art.” This song is wonderful and a testimony to those intentions.

Buscabulla, Ela Minus, Helado Negro – “close (Buscabulla Remix)“

We’re big fans of everything Buscabulla and was struck by this collaboration and remix with some amazing artists.

Meernaa – “Another Dimension“

I was lucky to get this album in time to soundtrack my heartbroken cross country trip across the states, dusted with moments of joy and awe. Carly’s voice and depiction of alternate dimensions is captivating and touching.

Divino Nino – “XO“

This is the newest single from this rad band out of Chicago. The energy and visual accompaniment is ‘a vibe’ as it were.

Nick Hakim – “Happen”

Turn it on and let it happen. 😉