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At Home With Amal Nemer

This week we're At Home With Amal Nemer, the Miami-based, Venezuela-born selector that's been rapidly taking over the Magic City since 2021. Read on to hear her own words about each selection and listen to the hip shaking playlist in full below!

1. "Amal’s Dream"

This track is a statement of peace-- both personal and worldly. I was dealing with my own emotions related to love, heartbreak, and social injustice and this track is healing for me. My literal dream is to live a peaceful life in a peaceful world.

2. "Hechicera" with Ramon Bedoya

Hechicera means Magician in Spanish, and it’s close to my heart because this is the first time I really used my voice for singing. Not just speaking the lyrics but using my voice in a different medium. If you can sing, and make tunes, isn’t that magic?

3. "Leyenda"

Leyenda means Legend in Spanish and this track defines my work ethic as being consistent, not giving up so easily, and just putting 100% in everything I set my mind to. That is legendary behavior and the best title for this track.

4. "No Control"

This track brings out my love for the bass line and 80’s/90’s house music. It will take you back reminiscing to the beats to the music I grew up listening as child.

5. "Me Gusta" with M. Rodriguez

This is just a sexy track. Each beat to this track really speaks to my personality. If you’re sexy, confident, and know how to vibe, this beat is made for you.

6. "Goddess of the Night"

This is one of my older tracks and it’s supposed to make you feel vibey and just get loose. The vocals just take you into a different dimension and it’s making me smile just thinking about it!

7. "Don’t Wanna Go Home" with Chris Estrella

I include this track while closing out almost all of my sets because the vocals literally say, “Don’t Wanna Go Home” and who wants to go home after listening to my music and having a good time? The night should just never end!

8. "Yo Tengo Los Poderes" with Mr. Pauer

This track is really special because it is my first Spanglish song that has been sung in a fast manner. This track opened a lot of doors for me and gave me many opportunities as well. It really allowed me to discover myself as an artist on a different level.

9. "Shot Por Mi"

This was one of my first tracks I ever made and was even played by Blond:ish! The attention that I had garnered from various DJ’s through this track really enabled me to pursue my career furthermore. It’s crazy how motivating the support from your idols can be!

10. "Faith"

Faith is a powerful track that really speaks for what I truly believe in. Happiness, love, freedom, positivity, are all things I have faith in attaining in my life and hope to help others as well.